The success of an innovation does not only depend on the technical feasibility. Starting and growing businesses regularly flounder about with questions on entrepreneurship, intellectual property, legal matters, marketing and personnel issues. The iLAB and COCi locations have experts available to help them avoid these potential pitfalls. Through individual counselling, training or seminars.

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Who develops an innovative concept, is not per se a born entrepreneur. Apart from the chemical and technological process steps that an innovation needs to go through to end up on the market as a successful product or service, entrepreneurship is at least equally essential. This starts with a good business plan. The iLABs and COCi’s consider it as one of their key tasks to offer the entrepreneurs support therein.

Intellectual property

How do I apply for a patent or utility model? How do I protect my innovative concept while I also have to work with other businesses to make progress? And what if another party snatches it? Questions a starting entrepreneur does not immediately know the answers to. Therefore, the locations have in-house experts that know the road in the land of patents.

Legal affairs

A budding entrepreneur does not know all the laws and rules by heart. What type of business entity to choose, and what legal name? What about the contracts and terms and conditions? How do you deal with business conflicts? A legal department at the location can help to make these issues clear and manageable.

Marketing and communication

When an innovation gets to the phase that it is ready to come out, the entrepreneur will have to address completely new questions: where do I market my product or service, at what price and above all, how do I make sure everyone knows how innovative my new product or service is? At this phase it can be quite convenient to employ the marketing and communication specialists that are present at the locations.

Human Resource Management

When is the time that you as a starting business need to employ personnel? Is it not wiser to team up with other individual entrepreneurs? Once an entrepreneur starts to hire employees, this brings about many questions and uncertainties. For personnel issues, the entrepreneurs can often rely on specialists who are present on site.


The extent to which these services can be offered varies per location. Check the location overview and please do contact us for more information about the possibilities.