iLABs are connected to university level chemical education and research institutions and are often housed in a Science Park. The COCi’s are usually located on or near a major chemical industrial park. Both types of locations contain a huge knowledge potential. In addition, the businesses on the locations are frequently part of a financing network and an incubator network.

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Knowledge network

The proximity of a university or college lowers the threshold for businesses to crucial knowledge and experts. It is easier to ask complex questions and to start joint research projects. Besides, (master) students are ready to contribute to the success of the innovation. The knowledge potential present at the COCi’s is accessible by direct contacts, business networks and regular meetings.

Financing network

Learning from one another about the financial options that are available at the location or elsewhere, is an important objective of a financing network. Working together in getting funding and short lines of communication with potential investors can also save time, frustration and energy. In addition, there are networking events and seminars to increase the financial awareness.

Incubator network

For start-ups it is important to know that they do not stand alone. Nowadays there are numerous initiatives to specifically support starting businesses with their innovation process and entrepreneurship. And help them learn from each other’s experiences. These incubator networks are usually not limited to one location although they are often regionally oriented.


The extent to which these services can be offered varies per location. Check the location overview and please do contact us for more information about the possibilities.