In order to accomplish an innovation course, a maze of financial instruments are available, from subsidies to loans, from tax deductions to IP and from local to international options. Subsidies and regional forms of financing can be particularly attractive to starting and growing businesses. On our locations, we have business developers on staff who can assist these entrepreneurs in selecting and applying for appropriate financing. The FinanceringsAtlas of InnovatieLink has ample information and a convenient search function.

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Subsidies and incentive schemes

These forms of financing often involve funding without, or with limited, financial repayment. This form of financing is divided into tax benefits, with which the government for example encourages innovative entrepreneurs especially to do R&D. In addition, innovative entrepreneurs can get subsidies through the central government, provinces and local governments. Provinces and municipalities try to stimulate activity in their region with incentive schemes.


Banks do not give credit to SMEs so easily any more. Yet they remain a very important source of SME finance. To obtain this, a business must be able to give guarantees. There are other lenders, which may provide SMEs with microcredit for example, or short-term loans. Often the interest rates on these loans will be higher than at the bank.


In this form of financing investors participate in innovative businesses in a more or less active way. Examples are private informal investors that are also called business angels, professional venture capitalists that focus primarily on young fast growing businesses, corporate venture capitalists and private equity investors. Crowdfunding or SME credit unions may be options as well. The FinancingsAtlas has more information on all this. Some private investors are linked to specific locations.


The extent to which these services can be offered varies per location. Check the location overview and please do contact us for more information about the possibilities.