• What is the iLAB.COCi network?

    ChemieLink is the umbrella network for Innovation Labs (iLABs) and Centres for Open Chemical innovation (COCi’s). The coordination of ChemieLink is in de hands of InnovatieLink. A project group, with representatives of the iLABs and COCi’s, direct the network. The purpose of the network is to strengthen the relationships between the locations on the one hand and between SMEs in the chemical and biobased sector and strategic partners the other hand. Additionally ChemieLink aims to increase the awareness and findability of these hotspots of fresh activities among starting

  • What is an iLAB?

    iLAB stands for innovation lab. An iLAB is a place where starting entrepreneurs can further develop their chemical or biobased concept. The iLABs are usually affiliated with a university. The iLABs offer laboratory facilities, equipment and housing. In addition, they support businesses in their business development. Each iLAB has its own priorities.


  • What is a COCi?

    COCi stands for Centre for Open Chemical innovation. These industrial business locations are usually part of a large-scale chemical site. They are intended for growing businesses in the chemical or biobased sector that want to test their detailed concept on a pilot or demonstration scale. For this purpose, they can make use of the existing infrastructure of chemical installations.


  • How many iLABs and COCi’s are there at the moment?

    By the end of 2015, there were ten iLABs and five COCi’s. The iLABs are located near chemical education programmes in Groningen, Zwolle, Wageningen, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Enschede and Eindhoven. The COCis are located in Zwolle, Delft, Bergen op Zoom, Oss and Geleen.

  • How will my location gain a status as iLAB or COCi?

    iLAB and COCi are quality labels that are approved of and certified by the Topteam Chemie. There is list of criteria a location must meet to obtain this status. For more information, contact InnovatieLink.


  • What does the network has to offer me, as a starting or growing entrepreneur?

    The network provides a comprehensive overview of the locations. This inventory consists of a digital interactive atlas and a description of the locations with their facilities and core activities. This simplifies the search for a location that meets your specific needs. The Innovation Managers of InnovatieLink can also assist with identifying and finding the right facilities. In addition, an exclusive programme for SMEs is being developed to make contact with locations and to exchange experiences with peers. This programme consists of Innovation Tours to several locations and networking meetings on a specific theme.


  • What does the network have to offer me, as a location for chemical and biobased projects?

    The purpose of the network for the iLAB and COCi locations is to exchange knowledge and experiences at regular meetings. By sharing best practices the locations can learn from each other and develop their unique priorities. The innovation tours and networking meetings that InnovatieLink organizes, offer you the chance to bring your location to the attention of potential entrepreneurs.

  • Is this network only intended for locations in the chemical sector?

    The network derives from the Topsector Chemie. Several locations have common ground with other sectors as well such as biobased, life sciences, health, food, advanced materials and energy. A link with chemistry is a prerequisite.



  • What is an Innovation Tour?

    An innovation tour takes start-ups and SMEs that are looking for housing and facilities to multiple locations in one day. The businesses have the opportunity to visit the locations and ask questions to the management and the businesses established. During the trip a variety of current topics will be discussed.