The right housing can enhance the growth and development of businesses. The iLAB and COCi locations are specialized business or industrial parks that offer facilities that are essential for chemical business activity, such as office space, ICT support, laboratory setups and permits. What facilities a business needs, depends on their processes and the phase the business is in.

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Office- and meeting spaces

Start-ups and growing businesses often do not require a large commercial building. However, they do need a work place with the possibility to receive clients. The iLAB and COCi locations have different possibilities to rent offices and meeting rooms: empty or fully equipped offices, short or longer term leases and shared facilities such as meeting rooms, toilets and a reception area. It is a nice extra that young entrepreneurs can share their experiences and successes here.

Lab facilities and pilot plants

A starting business in the chemical industry generally does not have the resources to build their own laboratory setting. Fortunately, such an investment is not always per se necessary, because other businesses are willing to make these or similar setups available. A small adjustment may then be enough. The same applies to larger pilot plants, that are offered by existing chemical companies. Each iLAB and COCi has its specific equipment.

ICT Services

A secure ICT system, that always works flawlessly, is indispensable. At the same time starting and growing entrepreneurs have other things on their minds and cannot be bothered to spend their time on this. Moreover, they want the flexibility to expand or reduce the used services according to their need. Precisely because of their business model to support smaller businesses, the iLAB and COCi locations provide this flexibility in their ICT services.


Starting and growing businesses usually prefer to outsource anything that does not belong to their core business to specialized companies. As there are similar businesses established at the locations, it is possible to obtain these services efficiently. These might include cleaning, maintenance of building and equipment, engineering services and other maintenance services. The iLAB and COCi sites offer various options.


For chemical activities it is usually a must to have an environmental permit. The iLABs and COCi’s have the necessary permits available for the most common activities. Starting or growing businesses do not have to concern themselves with these. For activities that require special permits, it is recommended to take prior notice of the permits that are in force at a particular location.


The extent to which these services can be offered varies per location. Check the location overview and please do contact us for more information about the possibilities.