About us

ChemieLink helps finding locations with appropriate facilities and equipment for entrepreneurs in the chemical sector that wish to innovate.
At the moment, the Netherlands has fourteen recognized locations where innovative chemical starting businesses (iLABs) and growing businesses (COCi’s) can establish themselves. These physical hotspots for new business have been approved of and certified by the Topteam Chemie. They are interconnected and together form the iLAB.COCi network, that share knowledge and exchange best practices. This network operates under the name ChemieLink.

The coordination of ChemieLink lies with InnovatieLink.


Innovations in the chemical industry contribute to a sustainable development of the Dutch economy. SMEs and starting entrepreneurs are often at the root of these innovations yet they frequently lack the facilities and resources to test their innovative concepts in a laboratory or pilot plant. This inhibits or even prevents a successful introduction of innovations.

As an encompassing network ChemieLink seeks to strengthen the connection between the locations on the one hand and between SMEs in the chemical sector and strategic partners on the other. Additionally ChemieLink aims to increase awareness and visibility of these hotspots among starting and growing businesses. Thanks to the optimal use of the locations and the assurance of quality, more start-ups and growing businesses in the chemical sector get to innovate more quick and with more success.