Yparex® is the leading European brand in extrudable adhesive resins. Yparex is based on maleic anhydride grafted polyolefines. The Yparex range provides outstanding adhesion for all forms of polyethylene including cross-linked PE to barrier plastics like EVOH and polyamide, and metals like aluminium, steel and copper.

Multi-layer film applications:

Barrier films for food applications with low oxygen permeation
Non-food packaging with improved mechanical properties and puncture resistance
Multilayer medical packaging applications.
Multi-layer pipe applications:

Barrier pipes for floor heating and sanitary tubing
Composite pipes (metal/plastic) for 100% diffusion tight pipes that are corrosion resistant and resist temperatures up to 95°C.
Other applications:

Multi-layer cables
Multi-layer wall cladding panels
Multi-layer rigid packaging