VLCI combines applied formulation science with High Throughput (HT) screening, to perform formulation developments effectively and to speed them up by a factor of up to 5. This approach is unique in Europe, serving a wide formulation industry on a project-by-project basis.

The products we can develop for you include coatings, personal/beauty care, household, pharmaceuticals, polymers and many more. Based upon your requirements, raw materials, technologies and tests will be defined and a formulation plan including tests will be prepared, preferably with a Design of Experiments. Once approved, the R&D project can then start and updates will be given to the customer about the status and way forward.

VLCI uses HT, FORMAX (Chemspeed), for the automatic and parallel preparation of formulations, via dispersing, heating/cooling, synthesis and horizontal shaking. This HT system can add liquids, viscous materials and solids, by weight to the glass vials or HT reactors. In this setup it is possible to automatically prepare various formulations in parallel and on a small scale, including several tests. Combining applied formulation knowledge with HT screening will give your R&D projects the VLCI boost.Our formulation knowledge or HT screening services can also be used solely.

In the end of the project, we deliver you the products/formulations, which you can take into production or further test – including all data and the know-how (IP) – via a detailed report.

For whom will this be interesting?

This approach will improve R&D projects for a wide range of formulation industries: paints & coatings, personal/beauty care, household, pharmaceuticals, etc. We work for end-product producers, raw material suppliers, distributors and universities/institutes. This is of interest to obtain the best formulations, modifying, finding interactions between raw materials, screening raw materials, find out processing issues, etc.

About VLCI:

VLCI is an independent R&D service provider to the formulation industry; offering product development activities to companies over the whole product development process. With our practical approach in combining applied formulation science and HT screening on a project basis, formulation developments are performed in a more efficient way.

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