TUSTI is a high tech recycling company. A unique combination of the knowledge of the Eindhoven University of Technology and the industrial recycling capacity of Stiphout Plastics in Montfort. This combination brings unique chances to create value from waste streams and increase the recycling potential of plastic waste.

TUSTI uses technology and innovation to bring the recycling of plastics to the next level: recycling more plastics and recycling plastics more efficient. To recycle the difficult product streams that other recycling companies cannot handle because of technical difficulties: contamination, mixtures of different kinds of plastic or any other problem.

TUSTI was founded in 2015 to industrialize our first invention: a cleaning process for oil polluted plastics.

The problem with oil polluted plastics

Oils and greasy residues on plastic are the nightmare of every plastic converter. Fat pollutes machines, makes storage smelly and causes health risks when going rancid. Another side effect when using the oily plastics in products, is that fat deteriorates the mechanical properties. Current recycling technology cannot clean this waste stream without using excessive energy or corrosive and unhealthy chemicals. Oily plastics are therefore sent to incinerators. What a waste of high (often food-grade) quality materials!

The TUSTI recycling solution

The patent pending technology of TUSTI makes recycling of greasy plastics possible. TUSTI brings high-tech knowledge at university level to the recycling industry. We buy dirty plastics, shred and clean them using our high tech recycling process and sell the cleaned plastic regrind to manufacturers. For all our recycling processes, we maximize sustainability: we work hard to reduce water and energy usage, and minimize the use of cleaning chemicals. Waste water is sent to a huge water treatment installation. The required energy is generated from landfill gas at the nearby municipal waste site.

The TUSTI high tech recycling process is developed in our laboratories, located on the TU/e Science Park in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In this fully equipped lab, CTO Jan Kolijn develops new cleaning agents and adjustments to our cleaning process, to enhance cleaning efficiency and expand the range of ‘difficult’ waste streams we can handle.