Terreco – specialist in soil remediation
Terreco specializes in environmentally friendly soil remediation. PuriSoil®, the patented remediation technology that Terreco uses, was developed at and by DSM. Soil and groundwater polluted with components that are aerobically (with oxygen) and microbiologically degradable are remediated with PuriSoil®. The technology is very suitable for removing components such as benzene, acrylonitrile, styrene, MTBE, and other (petro-) chemical products such as gasoline and diesel. Terreco takes on remediation projects for a fixed price in combination with a guaranteed result. All remediation projects are controlled remotely from Geleen, using local environmental agencies for monitoring and final inspection. PuriSoil® technology can be applied anywhere, both on polluted industrial sites and in residential areas.
Terreco is active as a remediation contractor at Chemelot, providing services to DSM and SABIC among others. Besides the customers at Chemelot, Terreco focuses on the rest of the world as well. Terreco provides remediation services mainly to other companies (B2B) and governments. Terreco is currently managing remediation projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Hungary, Poland, Spain, and Germany.