Are you fed up with cleaning all the time? Do you not know how to teach your child how to hold their spoon? We have the solution: the Zelfie! With our spoon, your child can develop the correct grip himself!

The Zelfie is characterized by three things: the different colors it comes in; the three dots that show where fingers should be placed; and the dent for the thumb

The Zelfie is not an aid. Rather, it is a spoon that helps children to discover a new step in their development. It reduces the gap between children’s cutlery and adult cutlery. Developing fine motor skills is essential, even before a child learns how to write. The Zelfie is for children aged three and up. Therefore, the child can develop fine motor skills, perhaps even unknowingly. These are necessary to learn how to write, which is one of the key skills in every child’s life.

Stermoo is a company founded by two occupational therapy students, envisioning to “think in possibilities”. We develop products that help children to perform meaningful activities independently.

We help children to discover in a playful fashion, which is what makes us of added value to society and the reason for Stermoo to continue to operate.