Creating CO2 solutions

Skytree uses space-technology to concentrate carbon dioxide from the air for use in everyday applications such as growing produce or managing water quality. By harnessing CO2 from the air and providing it on-site, Skytree removes the need for frequently having to replace high-pressure, bulky CO2 cylinders. A Skytree unit provides carbon-neutral CO2 as it is sourced directly from the air.

ESA Spinout Technology

Skytree was founded in 2010 and initially won funding from the European Space Agency Business Incubation Program (ESA-BIC). Since then, Skytree has been involved in multiple prototype development collaborations with industry including companies from the greenhouse, automotive, aquarium and fuel sectors. The last was partially funded by the European Commission to develop an atmospheric CO2 supply system for residential energy production under the umbrella of the EU’s SME2 program and named the ‘Willpower’ project.

Our mission is to establish atmospheric CO2 use in everyday life. We hope to initiate a positive shift in people’s perception: from CO2 as a potential problem to CO2 as an essential and incredibly versatile resource.