SATRAX is to become the market leader in true-time-delay-based electronic beam-steering antenna systems (no mechanically moving parts) in the market for real-time broadband SatCom applications for high-speed vehicles. With 2 demonstrator products tested and qualified, SATRAX is ready to enter the SatCom market for 10-12 GHz, Ku-band, applications.

SATRAX’s product improvements and further technology development will expand communication applications in the aerospace and avionics industry. Further mobile applications will include high-speed public transport and military or civil operations in areas with poor infrastructure. Additionally SATRAX’s technology satisfies broadband requirements of astronomical research, in particular for large area antenna systems.

SATRAX has gained momentum with creation of new product demonstrators using elegant modulation schemes combined with unique filter properties. With these functional models SATRAX has further broadened the application base for its proprietary silicon nitride platform. We are proud to present our functional antenna-tile which is equipped with a miniaturized integrated beamformer for dynamic, squint-free, reception of two polarizations.