A revolutionary invention for patients with diabetes
NovioSense is developing a glucose meter which is placed in the eye and can transmit data wirelessly. This product replaces the traditional finger-prick method by measuring the level of glucose in tears, directly in the eye – a revolutionary invention for patients with diabetes.

Chris Wilson, director of NovioSense: “Ultimately, we want the glucose sensor readings to be available on smartphones. On Novio Tech Campus, we believe that we have found the right network and the right technology to help us achieve that. We are aiming to take the sensor to market in 2017.” NovioSense has been renting offices and laboratories since March 2014, supported by SMB Life Sciences. Chris Wilson: “Previously, our offices were located in the city centre and our labs were at Radboud University. We’ve now got everything in one place on Novio Tech Campus, which is a lot more efficient.”