For over 10 years ModiQuest Research specializes in the generation of monoclonal antibodies against difficult target antigens for R&D, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Using our proprietary ModiVaccTM (cell immunisation) ModiFuseTM (electrofusion hybridoma), ModiSelectTM (B-cell selection) and ModiPhageTM (phage display) technologies, we can generate monoclonal antibodies from various backgrounds such as mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, llama and human against virtually any target. Besides lead antibody generation, we also provide antibody development and optimization (ModiTuneTM), such as affinity maturation, humanization and production (ModiXpressTM) in transient and stable mammalian cell systems. All services are offered on a fee-for-service basis.

ModiVaccTM is a novel platform to generate high affinity antibodies specific for intractable drug targets such as low immunogenic membrane spanning proteins. This highly successful approach has already demonstrated that large panels of antibodies recognizing a broad variety of epitopes can be generated to difficult, low immunogenic membrane proteins.