Development of 3D tissue models

MIMETAS develops human organ-on-a-chip models to specification. Unique OrganoPlate™ technology allows for perfused 3D cell culture and tissue models. Our aim is to transfer complete, working models of human tissues to our partners and customers, including customized OrganoPlates™.

Co-culture and boundary tissues

OrganoPlates™ feature pump-free perfusion for long-term culture of even sensitive cell types such as human iPS neurons. The horizontal lane layout supports adjacent co-culture and functional epithelial boundary culture for a range physiologically relevant tissue models.

High throughput and compatible

We have designed OrganoPlates™ with compatibility in mind, based on industry standard microplate formats. With 96 cultures per plate, we set a new standard for throughput in perfused 3D cell culture systems, compatible with a range of readouts, assays and human tissues.