Inventor of spray nozzles

We have invented spray nozzles to design new devices. We hold various patents on specific aspects of our proprietary spray technology and manufacturing thereof. Our technology is made effective in your products and you licence in our technology, which is agreed as a full package deal; new product programs (also) need agreements on research and concept work, device and clinical development work, manufacturing validation and scale-up, clinical and regular supply, regulatory approvals and quality control. So once we’ve agreed on deal structure, we set milestones and commit to timelines. And off we go!


We envision long lasting relationships, organised in larger development projects and validation programs. In most projects, this includes a device manufacturing partner to cover several aspects of manufacturing of liquid devices, like GMP molding, assembly & automation, sterilisation, filling, packaging and labeling. This might include clinical partners to perform studies to generate validation data and/or external test houses to generate in vitro data. This always involves us to develop and verifiy device designs and always involves you to create the new product