Destroy tumours by isolating the diseased organ:

A technological breakthrough in the war against cancer


Medical Device Works is a pioneer of organ isolation technologies. We have created novel medical devices capable of delivering medicines directly to the intended organ: PILP.

By isolating blood flow to and from an organ, PILP allows for repeated and targeted minimally invasive delivery of high concentration chemotherapy.    Because the therapy is delivered directly to the organ,  the organ sees a higher, more effective, concentration than conventional systemic administration while minimizing adverse systemic side effects (infection, anaemia, hair loss, severe pain, vomiting, fatigue, etc.).

By targeting the diseased organ, multiplying the concentration of chemotherapy delivered (by 20 times, in some cases) and minimizing side-effects,  the Medical Device Works technology brings a unique response to the lack of effectiveness of chemotherapy against solid cancers: delivering the right therapy at the right concentration to the right organ.