Innosieve Diagnostics BV is a product company with own R&D facilities.

The company acts in the field of innovative diagnostic applications. Innosieve Diagnostics directs towards the development and sales of easy-to-use, micro/nanotechnology-based applications for the detection of micro-organisms, eventually to even omit the use of enrichments. To accomplish this, we have strong expertise in sample preparation, molecular diagnostics and immunological assays, especially for detection of microbial organisms.

To meet the market demands, we combine and apply micro- and nanotechnology-based innovative tools by close collaboration with universities and applied research institutes.

For example, our R&D is currently developing diagnostic applications for microbiological analysis using lithography-based microsieves as diagnostic platform.

Scanning of the microsieve platform can be performed using an innovative LED-based optical device (MuScan) that allows quantification, live/dead discrimination and target specific detection of organisms.