The pharmaceutical company GynNext is developing a new generation of long-acting precision Intra Uterine Frameless (IUF) contraception.

This innovative IUF is small and flexible, with as the primary advantage for women that it reduces discomfort such as pain and bleeding. Thanks to its special ‘skeletal’ design the IUF fits every uterus and it is more reliable than classic intrauterine devices. The IUF is nonhormonal which means that long-term use does not interfere with the body’s natural hormonal balance. “We are developing reversible contraception for very long-term use,” says Dirk Wildemeersch, medical advisor and innovator of the existing technique. “All female sterilisation techniques are irreversible. There is a clear need for reversible methods because up to 30% of sterilised women later regret their decision to opt for traditional sterilisation.” “GynNext meets a strong market demand to offer better nonhormonal intra uterine contraception for young, sometimes even adolescent, and older women alike,” says CEO Frans Lichtenauer. “A product that ‘fits’ every woman and guarantees effective contraception for many years. We firmly believe that we will be able to accelerate this innovation from our base on Novio Tech Campus and roll it out globally. This is the right environment for us, with related companies and expertise from knowledge institutes close at hand.”