Flowid develops and sells process solutions and products based upon continuous process technology. Upon others, this includes Flowid’s proprietary SpinPro devices. 
These devices are typically used in chemical, pharmaceutical en food industries to produce chemical products by performing reactions and separations.

Flowid’s continuous solutions are focused on production and excel in terms of efficiency, safety and flexibility.
Flowid can turn the process industry up side down, just by making process equipment smaller and efficient.

Flowid is a spin-off company of the Eindhoven University of Technology and remains strongly bonded via facilities, knowledge and network.
In order to enable long term testing facilities for its clients, Flowid realised a high pressure, high temperature testing facility at Brightlands Geleen.

The chemical reactor is at the heart of a chemical plant. Reactions are typically performed in large vessels. The spinning disc reactor outperforms conventional reactor equipment, adding unique process controllability.This reactor consists of a stationary casing connected to a motor. The motor drives three discs, which rotate at high velocities inside the narrow casing. Two reactants are fed into the device from the topside, and then flow around the rotating discs. The large shear forces provide very efficient mixing of the reactants. This results in high mass transfer rates, allowing reactions to take place in seconds. During the reaction, large amounts of heat are released. Cooling channels are integrated inside the casing to effectively remove this reaction heat.