Complex-Fluids Simulation Lab

Electric Ant Lab is an independent private research laboratory providing contract-research consulting and simulation services in the field of rheology and transport of complex fluids.

Deep insight and Virtual Prototyping

High-fidelity simulation models and virtual experiments in the form of high-performance computer (HPC) simulations are extremely powerful tools to understand, predict, and improve the rheology and transport of complex fluids and their processing.
EAL works at the forefront of this technology, pushing its boundaries, and translates it into solutions in scientific and industrial context.

Real Physics from First Principles

Superior to traditional Complex Fluid Dynamics, in our methods we don’t make assumptions on the material scale. We simulate materials from first principles and let their behavior emerge naturally with real insight as a result.


RheoCube will be a high-fidelity complex fluids Rheometer in the super-computing cloud in the form of a web-based one-stop shop. It’s a complete simulation tool to explore the rheology of complex fluids, helping to understand and optimize their flow behavior. Its goal is to make scientific complex-fluids simulations easily accessible and usable for anyone, even if they have no simulation and HPC experience. For more information: