The Dried Blood Spot Laboratory (DBSL) determines drug levels and biomarkers in dried blood, sampled using a finger prick or heel prick (dried blood spotting, DBS). The simplicity and low cost of DBS testing brings blood component analyses within the reach of studies that otherwise would have been too expensive and complicated.

Therapeutic drug monitoring

DBS allows easy therapeutic drug monitoring in children, elderly and obese individuals. Moreover the analysis of blood components comes within the reach of smaller Food and Nutraceutical industries. For patients it offers the opportunity to perform blood sampling without visits to the hospital, at the optimal time point and at any place.

For the general public DBS creates the ability to monitor blood levels themselves, at their own discretion, handing back a sense of control to the individual. The latter is an important driver for the management in developing DBSL. Dried Blood Spot testing creates new opportunities for drug monitoring and scientific research, ranging from pharmaceuticals to nutraceuticals. Exploring these new options with our clients builds an exciting and rewarding enterprise. DBSL provides complete solutions for micro blood sampling including the logistics, analysis and reporting. It offers new perspectives for drug and health monitoring.