Cumapol offers different services to the polyester industry:  RegranulationCompoundingCrystallization and Solid State Polymerization. We can process both virgin and recycled polyesters.

Cumapol is a quality focused organization. We offer flexibility in combination with a high level of automation and the cost and energy efficiency of continuous processes. Typical applications for the polyester grades from our plant are packaging both rigid and flexible, strapping, monofilaments, high tenacity yarns, fibers and other high demanding technical applications. All of our processes are designed to offer the highest standards in terms of quality and efficiency and they comply with all of the relevant health, safety and food contact regulations.

Pioneer in the development of recycled polyester specialities
Each day we recycle 1 million PET bottles into valuable, food contact approved polyester grades (rPET). These grades can be further upgraded to meet the different requirements of our customers. Currently, 60% of our capacity is used for the upgrading of recycled PET and 40% for virgin polyester specialties. We provide recycling solutions for post-consumer and post-industrial polyesters. These recycled polyesters can have the same or even better quality, functionality and feel as virgin polyester. We are continuously expanding and improving our processes and know-how of mechanical recycling.

With the start of our CuRe (Polyester Rejuvenation Technology) project and our ability to use bio-based monomers we are heading for the next level in circularity.

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