Chemtrix offers a total Scalable Flow Chemistry concept. The Chemtrix product portfolio covers the total process from R&D to full scale production, using glass and ceramic reactors.

-Labtrix® is used for laboratory method development using glass micro reactors
-KiloFlow® is used for scaling to grams/kilograms using glass meso reactors
-Plantrix® is used for tonne scale production using ceramic (SiC) reactors.

Within Labtrix®, KiloFlow® and Plantrix® different configurations are possible to suit the exact need of the user in terms of volume, throughput and capacity. Customized glass reactors can be designed and produced upon request, with assistance of our engineers.

In addition to our glass and ceramic reactors, Chemtrix also offers chemical services such and feasibility studies and contract research. Using our global laboratories (located in India, China, Europe and US) we assist customers with setting first steps towards implementation of this technology, by performing their reaction of interest in our reactors. Besides this, our global labs and offices provide (after) sales service and engineering support.

This combination of equipment and services enables us to truly offer the safe way from lab to production.

  • Labtrix S1

  • Labtrix Start

  • KikoFlow

  • Plantrix