Making materials smarter

The Chemelot Institute for Science & Technology (InSciTe) is a public-private institute for biomedical materials and biobased materials to make materials smarter. From its base in the south of the Netherlands, Chemelot InSciTe rises to the challenges facing our world today: it develops solutions for the sustainable health of an ageing population and for the sustainable production of chemicals and materials. Founding fathers Royal DSM, Maastricht University and University Medical Center, Eindhoven University of Technology and the Province of Limburg invite industrial and academic partners around the world to join them in developing healing biomedical materials for high quality, affordable healthcare, and processes to produce biobased materials from renewable raw materials that do not compete with the food chain. With its physical nucleus at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Chemelot InSciTe enables entrepreneurship, expertise, experimentation and education in an open innovation network.


The world is facing major challenges. How do we sustain the health of an ageing population increasingly suffering from chronic diseases, without rendering the healthcare system itself unsustainable? And how do we produce chemicals, materials and energy critical to our wealth and wellbeing without depleting resources and affecting our environment? These challenges, while daunting, also present huge economic opportunities for those innovative and entrepreneurial enough to help solve them. Chemelot InSciTe is dedicated to creating the conditions for scientists and entrepreneurs to do just that – to work together to make materials smarter.


Making materials smarter by enabling top scientists and ambitious entrepreneurs to address the societal challenges and economic opportunities of sustainable healthcare and sustainable biobased production.

The pinecone

The logo of Chemelot InSciTe is created from the idea of a pinecone. InSciTe is an institute, a home base from which multiple disciplines arise. What better way to visualize the concept of InSciTe then from nature’s pinecone, a cone fruit that consists of scales behind which you can find the seeds. Translated towards InSciTe, the institute as a whole is the core of the pinecone. The scales stand for the different disciplines within InSciTe such as the biomedical and biobased research, the facilities, entrepreneurship & business services and education & training. Behind the scales, nicely protected as in a breeding cocoon, the actual seeds – the different developments, expertise, products and research projects of InSciTe.