CeraCarbon – Enabling Carbon with high wear resistance

25 years after the legendary Britten V1000 motorcycle used a carbon composite front-end and also decades after the innovation of upside down frontforks… CeraCarbon now proudly presents the best of two worlds and introduces ceramic coated carbon frontfork tubes! CeraCarbon inside!

UpSide Down forks (USD forks)

One of the main advantages in USD forks are fixed tubes of larger diameter than the sliding tubes and the very long path of the sliding tubes through the fixed tube. The USD system serves to raise torsional rigidity and at the same time cannot twist in the fork bridge.

However, the unsprung masses in a USD fork are not smaller than in a conventional fork. The sliding tubes running inside the USD system are still made of heavy steel which makes the USD system not lighter then the old conventional forks.

In the last decades motorcycle design changed a lot. Materials became smarter, stronger, lighter and more reliable. Electronic rider aids are almost common. Technology changed and improved. Except for frontforks which went upside down but still are facing the problem of heavy steel innertubes because no other material was available for reliable use. Until now!