The Brightlands Materials Center offers a meeting place at Brightlands Chemelot Campus and close collaboration with a global network of leading companies along the value chain and renowned universities and institutes.

In our joined research programs, where scientists, R&D researchers and students come and work together, we secure application-driven research along the whole chain of knowledge. The heart of the Brightlands Materials Center is an evolving ecosystem where scientific excellence, innovative applications and societal challenges come together.

Our mission

Inspiring and developing the next generation of talent with the right skills and mindset for the polymeric materials field by attracting and connecting industry, academia and entrepreneurs, boosting sustainable development based on the latest knowledge.

Acces to knowledge

The Brightlands Materials Center fuels the polymeric industry with knowledge.

  • Get access to the latest knowledge and insights in plastics
  • Speed up your time to market by collaboration
  • Enrich your research with application-driven challenges from the industry and valorize your knowledge
  • Share expensive research costs and funding sources for excellent research
  • Acquire leads for new business and innovation
  • Increase appeal to talented students and leading scientists by working closely together with the industry

Technology Platforms

The heart of the R&D Roadmap of the Brightlands Materials Center are its Technology Platforms. Technology Platforms are fields of conceptual knowledge that can be used to study complex application problems. The Center develops new applications only if and when building on core technological strengths. Technology Platforms serve areas of industrial applications. Other than many existing institutes, the R&D Roadmap of the Brightlands Materials Center will be fully driven by societal and industrial needs. These are applications (in the field of polymeric materials, their systems, their processes, and their end products) that are not yet available or not yet sufficiently performing or not yet economic, and identified as needed to solve industrial or societal challenges.

As a basic principle, the Technology Platform should be able to serve solving issues in multiple application areas. This will automatically lead to innovation, as the learnings from one application can be used for other applications.

Access to talent

Brightlands Materials Center fuels the polymeric industry with skilled talent

  • Meet, inspire and create bonds with the next generation of top talent
  • Have access to skilled talent
  • Get in contact with excellent scientists & R&D people worldwide

As an international center of the polymeric materials industry, the Brightlands Materials Center offers research studies that are very appealing for Masters, PhDs and postdocs, who want to make a difference in the world and upgrade their careers.

Our knowledge programs and projects not only deliver knowledge and IP, but skilled talent as well. Our programs add skills to talent which is appealing to the industry and universities.

As a partner of Brightlands Materials Center you get access to skilled talent, specialized in the following technology platforms:

  • Barrier
  • Esthetics & Optics
  • Polymer melt processing
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Adhesion

Access to support

The Brightlands Materials Center fuels the polymeric industry with entrepreneurship.

  • Accelerate your new business concepts
  • Get support by technical or business specialists in the field of plastics
  • Team up with other innovative companies and institutes
  • Obtain business development support
  • Collaborate for governmental project funding, such as horizon 2020

The Brightlands Materials Center offers companies in the polymeric materials field extra support, business wise and technically. The Knowledge Programs of the Brightlands Materials Center secure access to relevant knowledge always nearby.

We also inspire companies and entrepreneurs in the whole value chain by bringing them together in trainings, workshops or other events. Our motto is connect & innovate and by doing so, the Brightlands Materials Center inspires the whole industry. Results are valorizations, accelerated new business development, a shorter time to market, a strong network, better educated employees, and more successful innovations.

Access to infrastructure

Brightlands Materials Center fuels the polymeric industry with infrastructure.

  • Get access to equipment, you can never acquire in home
  • Share costs of equipment for R&D
  • Have flexible development space
  • Strengthen your partnerships with the polymer industry and its application challenges
  • Network with different universities and companies

In its community the Brightlands Materials Center can offer you shared, state of the art infrastructure. Such as morphology and structure characterization, chemical and physical analysis and materials testing equipment.

The center works closely together with the Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL) in a shared laboratory environment. For more information see:

The Brightlands Materials Center also has access to the high tech analysis and characterization equipment of Enabling Technologies BV. Including experts available to interpret the results. For more information see: